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Manuel Cassimatis

Business card of Aikaterini Stathis-Petrochilou. Hand writing on the obverse side.

Nikos Petrochilos: "I was moved when I saw my mothers writing. Very moved.
The message should be translated as follows : "Dear Spiro. I got your present and I thank you very very much. I wish all the best for you and your family. I send this card through Maria (? I can't read the name), because I don't know your address. With my love, Katina K. Petrochilou"".

Nikos Petrochilos attended the Primary School in Pitsinianika, Kythera and the High School (Gymnasium) in Chora, Kythera. He left Kythera when he finished the Gymnasium, at the age of 18.

Nikos went on to establish a very successful academic career in Greece.

Nikos is President, of the Society of Kytherian Studies, one of a number of prominent positions that he holds.

Nikos's mother - Aikaterini Stathi - Petrochilou.

A great deal is known about Nikos's mother, Aikaterini Stathi - Petrochilou. Aikaterini's paratsoukli was Kalogerinis. She was a school teacher in Markesakia, Kythera, for 36 years. She had many pupils who now live in Australia, such as Peter Magiros and Spyro Calokerinos.

Are you a former school pupil of Aikaterini?

What can you tell us about your experiences with her as your teacher?

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