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George Poulos

Cheque, Paragon Cafe, Katoomba, 1958.

As Kytherian shop keepers became more affluent in the period after WWII, they began to make displays of this new found affluence.

This is reflected in the ornate Art Deco re-furbishment of many of the shops and shop fixtures - but is also manifest in simple things - such as the elaborate and artistic designs of business and Company cheques, for example.

This is cheque from the famous Paragon Cafe in Katooomba, NSW. [There are multiple entries for the Paragon Cafe in the Photography Diaspora, subsection, Cafes, Shops & Cinemas secetion, and other sections, of kythera-family.]

Note that, £1,498.00.00 would have been considered a substantial sum of money at the time.

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