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Karavitiko Symposium, Sydney

FLAG - Karavitiko Symposium, Sydney.

The official flag of the Karavitiko Symposium.

Deigned by world-reknowned vexillographer and vexillologist, George C Poulos, the symbolism of the flag is very simple.

The central orange orb (Pantone 130) symbolises both the bright Karavas and Kytherian Sun, and "Portokalia tou Karava" - one of the prime symbols of Karavas - immortalised by the song - "Portokalia tou Karava".

The fimbriated (bordered) cross - George uses to designate the Cross of Ayios Haralambos, the patron saint of the village of Karavas.

The horizontal white lines symbolise the numerous underground springs in Karavas.

And the entire design is a whimsical re-interpretation of the Greek National Flag, with the "Greek Cross" positioned to the centre.

Naval quality, 6ft x 3ft (180 cm's x 90 cm's) Karavitiko Symposium Flags are available for purchase from the Committee of the Karavitiko Symposium for A$85.00.
Click on the Karavitiko Symposium name above (in green) to order.

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