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Kytherian Newsflash

Gold medal awarded to Angelo and John Notaras of Atom Industries, at the .....

.......Salon international des inventions de Genève - the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

This year the Exhibition was held from the 10th April 2013 until the 14th April 2013.


Angelo Notaras demonstrating a previous award winning hand held machine

Each Gold Medal won by Atom Industries was for:

1. Highly efficient portable powered wood drilling machine with automatic reverse gear combined with automatic de- accelerator rotating safety handle if wood auger suddenly jams in the wood. For use in rural fencing and construction.

2. Very efficient portable blower for use in the garden, with new fan design technology resulting in very high air thrust performance , lower noise levels and decreased fuel requirements.

Angelo & John and Atom Industries have secured a number of Gold Medals at this exhibition in previous years. Their achievements consistently display a skill and aptitude for 'design excellence'.

John Notaras, partner in the business, Atom Industries, surrounded by a bevy of Domestic and International Awards with brother Angelo Notaras

See: http://www.atomindustries.com.au

The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (Geneva Inventions) is a show that takes place annually in the canton of Geneva in Switzerland.

Gold medal awarded to Angelo and John Notaras of Atom Industries, reverse side

It was founded in 1972 by Jean-Luc Vincent. The event takes place every year at Palexpo, in the town of Grand-Saconnex. It attracts over 700 exhibitors from 45 countries are exhibiting 1,000 inventions and welcomes over 60,000 visitors each year.

Inventions presented cover a wide area, including energy, environmental protection, information technology, mechanical engineering, industrial processes, watches, electricity, electronics, construction, engineering civil, carpentry, plumbing, ventilation, heating materials security and alarm, DIY, household arts, business and technical equipment, agriculture, gardening, textiles, medicine and hygiene, optics, teaching transportation, health, food, cosmetics, entertainment, advertising, packaging, toys and games.

The International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva in full swing

In 2009, the show won the patronage of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in addition to the patronage of Switzerland, canton and city of Geneva.

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