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Stephen Samios

Jim Samios. Tribute of John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia.




I regret that I cannot be with you at this special “True Blue Legends” function* to honour the outstanding contribution of Jim Samios.

Over many years Jim has been a standard bearer for the cause of cultural diversity within the Liberal Party and has helped to shape Liberal thinking in this important area of public policy.

As Parliamentary Secretary, Shadow Minister, and Chairman of Government Policy Committees for over a decade Jim has shown leadership and constancy on this issue.

He has brought to his roles strong and relevant experience including through his involvement with migrant settlement and work as a member of the Special Broadcasting Service in the early 1980’s. These qualifies have been complemented by his further work with the Greek Orthodox Church over a great many years and through his efforts with the Ethnic Communities Councils.

To Jim is due our praise for demonstrating the special contribution of our ethnic communities to help make this country what it is today. For many years Jim has shown to us that our shared values have guaranteed a level of social cohesion that is the envy of the world.

As a champion for his cause he has revealed that we join together as Australians strengthened by a diversity of language, experience and cultural background.

Ours is a resilient cornmunty that has extended a generous welcome to people from every corner of the world and so we honour Jim’s long career, his contribution to the Liberal Party in this state and his important message of friendship and shared values.


*Testimonial Dinner. Held at the Westin Hotel, Sydney.
Monday, 24th June, 2002.

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