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Queensland Government

Kytherian cultural heritage icons in Queensland, Australia.

Queensland's Multicultural Heritage.

Culural Heritage.

Places and Meanings.

Over the years many groups of people have developed Queensland is a vibrant, multicultural society, with a long history of settlement by people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Over the years many groups of people have developed special associations with a variety of places in Queensland, some of which are entered in the Queensland Heritage Register and protected under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992. These places include the Chinese temple at Atherton, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St Nicholas in Brisbane, the Kytherian Hotel Corones in Charleville, the Japanese Consulate known as Kardinia" in Townsville, the Hebrew Synagogue in Brisbane, the Australian South Sea Islander meeting hall at Homebush, and the Marble Cafe at Childers, developed by the Cominos brothers who came to Queensland from Kythera, Greece............

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