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Dean Coroneos

Kytherian Re-union. Canberra. 17-18 May 2003. Programme.

Numerous Kytherian events occur around the world on a regular basis.

This event was unique. For the first time in more than a century in Australia, an event was organised that had as its prime focus the re-union of Kytherians from around Australia.

It was held in Canberra, at the beautifully appointed, Hellenic Club.

A large photographic exhibition was mounted, and numerous Kytherian artefacts, crafts, tools, and other realia were on display.

The event was organised by the Kytherian Brotherhood of Canberra and Districts.

Chris Lourandos, President
Voula Logothetis, Vice President
John Logothetis, Secretary
Peter Samios, Treasurer
Froso Anousas
Chryssa Frilingos
Popi Manolios
Golfo Pentes
Paul Theodore

Master of Ceremonies for the evening was

Donna Simotas

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