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Kytherian Cuisine

Low Fat Greek Cuisine

Author: Fotini Hatzifotis

When Published: 2005

Publisher: Printed by Kingswood Press, Underwood, Queensland

Price: $18 + postage and handling

Description: 108 page, coloured paperback.

Available: Kytherian World Heritage Fund

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Kytherian World Heritage Fund
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Rozelle NSW 2039

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KAA. Kytherian World Heritage Fund

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Congratulations Fotini,

This is a fantastic collation of Greek recipes. Not only are they great tasting but low in fat as wel1.

It is interesting to note that recipes can still retain all their original flavour, and with little modification they can be transformed into low fat and healthy alternatives.

To assist with weight control, women should allow, no more than 20-309 fat per day and men no more than 30-409 per day. For adequate fibre intake incorporate up to 30-409 daily into your eating plan.

Note: CHO : carbohydrate.

I highly recommend this recipe book.

Desi Laskaris: Dietitian / Nutritionist

Fotini comes from a family of six girls and five boys, all who have various levels of skill and enthusiasm about cooking.

I have clear memory of one occasion in the week leading up to Easter when the sisters had got together at one of their houses and were baking the Easter breads known as Tsourekia, pastries and biscuits such as kalitsounia and Kuluria. It was a day of baking, full of reminiscences of there childhood experiences that informcd their knowledge and approach to the parlicular biscuits and pastries they were baking.

Throughout this day the girls actively challenged and competed which each other about the quality of the taste, texture and look of their biscuits, pastries and bread.

As the outsider I had the wonderful experience of being the 'unbiased' taste tester to this glorious array of homemade special Easter baking. It was a funny, warm and filling experience, the later most particularly after I had worked my way through tasting the many batches of baking.

Fotini brings this background and experience of cooking in this collection of recipes.

These are recipes that have been tried and tested over the years and have passed the scrutiny of exacting fellow 'chefs', her sisters.

Leanora Spry
(Neighbourhood Taste Tester)

Top 10 High Fat Food Replacements:

1 Oils - Reduce the quantity. It is not necessary to replace with another

2 Cream - Replace with condensed skim milk.

3 Whipped cream - Replace with ricotta cheese, combined with icing sugar and one tablespoon of honey.

4 Butter in cakes or biscuits - Replace with low fat yoghurt or ricotta cheese.

5 Nuts - Try reducing the quantity by half. Also try using nuts that are raw not cooked in oil.

6 Full cream milk - Replace with reduced fat milk or go one better, skim

7 Bread crumbing - Replace the egg with low fat yoghurt.

8 Snacks - Replace biscuits and cakes with low fat biscuits, cakes or muffins. Popcorn is a great idea (no butter).

9 Full cream ice cream - Replace with low fat ice-cream or sorbet.

10 Sandwiches - Replace white bread with multi-grain, and instead of butter; use low fat mayonnaise, mustards or pickles.

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