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Matty Lech (nee, Coroneos)

Naturalisation Certificate of Chris Coroneos (Christiforos Dimitriou Koroneos) and Melba Comino (Melpomeni Kosma Komino). 24th April, 1925.

Both were born in Karavas, Kythera.

Chris's parents were Anna Kritharis, and Demetrios Melasofaos Koroneos.

Melba's parents were Anna (Kirranni) Tzortzopoulos Douris from Douranika, and Charles Kosma Komino.

Chris Coroneos (Christoforos Dimitriou Coroneos) Melasofaos married Melba Comino (Melpomeni Kosmas Kominos) in Goulburn, NSW, on the 3rd July, 1924. A photograph of the wedding party can be viewed at Photography Diaspora, subsection, Weddings and Proxenia. A copy of their wedding certificate can be viewed at History, subsection, Documents.

Soon after they moved to the small town of Gunning, in southern NSW.

They bought the Busy Bee Cafe. They worked hard in the Cafe from 1924 to the end of 1951, when they retired to Sydney because of Chris's ill-health.

They had six children, James, Charles, Annie, Matty, George and Peter.

Note: in the left hand corner -

By virtue of the grant of this certificate, Melba Coroneos, the wife of the said Christoforos Coroneos, aged 26 years, also becomes naturalised.

[That is no longer the practise of the Australian Government in the 21st century.]

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