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Francie Campbell

Passenger List of the T.S.S.

Incoming Passenger List of the T.S.S. "Largs Bay" which contains the names of my grandparents Anastasios (Ernest) and Spiridoula (Lily) Combes/Coombes.

On this list Spiridoula, (spelt 'Spyridoula') was listed as 'MW' - meaning "Mother with child", as she was pregnant with her first child, George. George Combes/Coombes, who was born in October, 1924 in Tenterfield, New South Wales. Anastasios (Ernest) Combes/Coombes’ name was listed as ‘Anastassi’.

Anastasios was listed as a waiter, and 25 yrs old. Spiridoula was listed as 24 yrs of age.

The ship arrived on the 18th August, 1924 in Sydney, Australia. On the passenger list they were classed as 'Aliens'.

Note that there are 4 other Greek people listed as well. The other Greek (Kytherian(?)) passengers were:

1. Coroneos, Kyrania - Waiter - Female - 21 yrs - Single
2. Stratigos, Emmanuel - Waiter - Male - 28 yrs - Married
3. Stratigos, Marieta - MW [Mother with child] - Female - 24 yrs - Married
4. Scordillis, Emmanuel - Waiter - Male - 27 or 29 yrs - Single.

According to the log book of this ship, the voyage was not without incident - there were 3 stowaways, 'transhipped' from the T.S.S. "Moreton Bay" on the 1st June, 1924 in the Red Sea to the T.S.S. “Largs Bay”! The 3 stowaways were aiming to get to England. They were listed as: Antonio Cutafar aged 18 yrs - Maltese; Genges? N. Downs aged 31 yrs - Greek; and Basile Phararoo aged 24 yrs - Greek. The stowaways were handed over to the police in Port Said for prosecution! Also, an apprentice on board was also 'paid off' on account of suffering from pleurisy; and a 29 yr old British crew member was found dead on a Sydney wharf - cause of death unknown!

***Note, that a legible copy of the document can be obtained by pressing the enlarge symbol, (right hand corner), and then printing off the enlarged version of the document.

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George Poulos
on 20.08.2005

My guess is that all 6 Greek passengers were Kytherian. Also interesting is the additional comment in column 11, under Race. English, Irish and Australian passengers were all given the additional designation - White. It was written above their country of origin. The six Greek passengers were not designated as White. In the first half of the twentieth century, only members of the Anglo-Saxon family, were truly racially white.