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George Poulos

Xmas Card. Mid 20th century. 1955.

It is difficult for persons born in Australia and the USA in the post Kytherian migration period, to truly appreciate how disruptive and heart-wrenching the breakup of families was during the emigration phase (from Kythera).

Nostalgia for the island, and desire to be with relatives was exacerbated during periods such as Christmas, when most families strive to be together.

This is reflected in Xmas cards, sent back to relatives who remained on Kythera. This card is from my cousin, Helen Zantis (nee, Levantis) & her husband Peter Zantis, to Helens' uncle, Theothoro (Ri-Ri), and Auntie Maria (Mummy, the midwife), in Karavas, Kythera. Dated 25th of December, 1955

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