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Peter Makarthis

Greek Tragedy Brewarrina

The historic Greek family Café De Lux at Brewarrina NSW was destroyed in a conflagration at Brewarrina in Western NSW on Sunday night 24 August 2014.

This marks the end of an era of the Greek Cafes at Brewarrina which was established by the Ithacan George Pippos in 1926 and carried on by his son Angelo and wife Margaret Pippos until its demise yesterday.

The only remaining Greek owned family run cafes in Australia are the Canberra Cafe ( Paul Calokerinos and family) Manilla and the Niagara (Loukissas Family) at Gundagai.
The Pippos family and the Brewarrina locals who have never known a world without the Café De Lux in it, will now have to accept this inevitable loss.

Written and researched
Peter McCarthy (Makarthis)
Café Historian and Research Consultant
Inverell NSW

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