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Life in Australia: A book that should reach every Greek home



The magnificent book, Life in Australia, in both Greek and English editions, was launched at MacLaurin Hall, Sydney University, on Wednesday 9th December 2009.

It was a very well organized evening that reminded us once again how proud we should feel of our Greek heritage. Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Mr George C Poulos who reminded everyone of the importance of the re-publishing of the book Life in Australia. “We should never forget were we come from. When we leave this room tonight, we must feel proud for our Greek heritage and keep our Greek spirit to pass on to the next generations”.

It all started 4-5 years ago when Angelo Notaras, George C. Poulos, & James Prineas began to plan the re-publication of the book Η Ζωη Εν Αυστραλια, Life in Australia.

They tried their best to keep the sequence, and make everything congruent with the original. Errors in pagination and in content have been maintained. It is a book that teaches the history, geography and the culture of Australia. It stressed that virtues such as hard work, honesty, dilgence, and civic duty were highly valued in Australia and would ensure success there. It is a chronicle of the early Greek pioneers.

One of the main speakers was Mr John Comino, grandson of John Demetrios Komino -the man who ventured on a great journey into the unknown (to Australia), in 1884.

Mr John Nicholas Comino spoke proudly of his grandfather, a very strong minded man who helped the Greek Community in many ways. A few of John’s major achievements include the gift of land and establishment of Aghia Triada (the first Greek Orthodox Church in Australia), the selfless and generous donation of money to Greek and Australian causes and financial as well as personal assistance to early Greek Migrants to establish them in business of their own.

Among distinguished guests were the Hon John Hatzistergos, Consul General of Greece Mr. Vasilios Tolios, Soprano Helen Zerefos who sang both national anthems, Professor Emmanuel Aroney, Mr Yiannis Kallimanis, Dr Drakopoulos, Dr Panayiotis Diamantis,& Mr Jim Saltis writer of My Four Houses, amongst many others.

Major sponsor of the evening was Laiki Bank.

Anna Arsenis


The Andronicus Brothers

Mr George Poulos with Dr Drakopoulos

Mr Angelo Notaras

Mr John Comino

Life in Australia: a book that should reach every Greek home Life in Australia written from 1914-1916 and published in 1916 is an important first chronicle about Hellenic and Kytherian involvement in Australian history and culture. It is very important that current and future generations are aware of the pioneering efforts and achievements of the first generation of Greek immigrants to Australia.
It is important that the grand-children and great-grandchildren of the pioneering generation have access to this very important history, and understand the vision and sacrifices made by their forefathers.

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