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Peter Makarthis

The First Windfarm 1805

The first windmill on Kythera was built by Vretos Antonis Frilingos and completed on 6 September 1805. This event was recorded in the Kytherian Chronicle of Father Gregorios Logothetis the rector of the Holy Church of St Charalambos in Mylopotamos 1780 – 1817.

Parocco Pappa Grigorio Logoteti – b. 1753
is recorded at the Parish of San Soso in Milopotamo 1784, 1788.

Vretos Antonis Frilingo, wife Maria and daughter Ellena are recorded living at Chiperi in the census of 1788 suggesting the windmill was in that vicinity.
The first windfarm scheme was successful in the short term and has left the island with a legacy of historical and perhaps archaeological interest. The windmills have all but disappeared from the landscape and less than a handful are reinvented as dwellings or farm storage. The remnants of the remainder now provide a spectacle for the avid tourist with a camera to capture a glimpse of the past.
Researched June 2008
Peter Makarthis

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