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Greeks of the world diaspora. A Map.

The "greeks abroad" total 5,607,950. The General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad has collated some information on the Hellenes of the Diaspora.

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Greeks in Diaspora exist in all the continets of the world.

While the majority settled in the United States, which has a Greek population of 3 million, figures from the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad indicate 92 destination countries where Greeks have settled.

This startling number indicates something of the Greek character for adventure and new challenges as well as reflecting the turbulence of the past insofar as world and national events have compelled many Greeks to look for opportunities outside of Greece.

The second largest Greek population remains that of Australia with 700,000 Greeks, followed by Germany (354,500), Canada (350,000), Ukraine (250,000), Britain (212,000), the Russian Federation (150,000), Georgia (120,000) and South Africa (120,000).

The range of population sizes, however, is not limited to only large numbers. Populations as small as 50 exist in Tunisia and Senegal with the Congo having the smallest of all Greek populations of just 10.

Latin American countries represent 13 of the destination countries to which Greeks have settled, while the number of Asian nations is 17*. African nations represent 27 of the listed nations with South Africa having by far the largest Greek population at 120,000.

Europe represents 28 of the 92 Diaspora Greek communities, the most of any region, with a combined Greek population of 1,286,740.

Of these, 354,500 settled in Germany which received large numbers of immigrant workers during its post-WWII economic boom in the last half of the 20th century.

Substantial numbers of Greeks in the Ukraine, Georgia and Russian Federation attest to the long history of Greek settlement there with robust Diapsora communities surrounding the Black Sea (Pontians) and in cities such as Odessa, Tashkent.

*The definition of Asia used by the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad is not the conventional definition, thus countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and Kazakstan are grouped together with Hong Kong and Japan under the heading of Asia.

*It should be noted that the NCHSR does not gather this information directly but collates it from various external census gathering sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

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