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History > Photography > Gilgandra Rural Museum, Dubbo Road, Gilgandra.

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submitted by Gilgandra Historical Society on 27.12.2005

Gilgandra Rural Museum, Dubbo Road, Gilgandra.

Gilgandra Rural Museum, Dubbo Road, Gilgandra.
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Gilgandra Historical Museum contains an extraordinary array of realia from Gilgandra's past.

[Gilgandra is known as the town of windmills - probably having more windmills per head of population than any other town in Australia. Hence the massive windmill at the front of the Rural Museum.]

Not to be confused with the The Coo-ee Heritage Centre, which is located adjacent to the Museum.

The Coo-ee Heritage Centre was constructed in 2001 and aims "to harmoniously represent the cultures and lifestyles, past and present, of the people of the Gilgandra district in a setting conducive to providing education and entertainment".

Both museums have accumulated a number of pieces of realia, and numerous documents and photographs, that pertain to the Kytherian history of Gilgandra.

Local historical societies and museums, of the quality of those in Gilgandra, provide rich rescources for the study of Kytherian history in Australia.

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