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submitted by Jim Cassimatis on 07.04.2011

Nicholas Cassimatis

Nicholas Cassimatis
Copyright (1954)

Nicholas George Cassimatis - Wednesday 20 Oct 1954
Owner and founder of Cassim's Agency, which consisted of two rooms. The main office (pictured) and the waiting room, where the secretary was also located. Cassim's Agency was located on the 3rd floor at 164 Pitt St, Sydney, where the Pitt St Mall is currently located. The facade of this old style office building is still there today. Nick Cassimatis was one of the first Greek Business & Real Estate Agents to get established and his aim was to help Greek immigrants get started in Business in Australia. Cassim's Agency was a one stop shop, as Nick was also a finance broker and would organise the finance for clients who needed it, which was very often the case as most Greeks would come to Australia with little or no money.

There are some interesting items in this picture that are worth noting:-
- The old style turn dial telephones.  Two were required because there was no call waiting in those days.  One phone was for outgoing calls and the other for incoming calls.
- The fountain pen in his hand and an inkwell at the edge of his desk.
- The Sale Agreements, with "Cassim's Agency" at the top.
- The desk pad, which was used as a base to write on.  Some offices still use these today.
- A wooden ruler.
- A desk calendar.  These were still popular up until a few years ago.  It was from this calendar we were able to determine the exact date the picture was taken.
- A moistened sponge for stamp and envelope flap adhesion.  Also needed for flicking through a stack of sale agreements.
- Wooden Ink Blotter.
- Old style pop up telephone directory with A-Z slider.
- Ash tray.

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