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submitted by Dean Coroneos on 19.06.2005

Kerry Walsh. Novelist.

Author of Chirigo. A Novel.

For more extensive details see Culture, subsection, Bibliography.

Kerry Walsh. Biography. 1976

Kerry Walsh wrote her novel Cirigo in 1976. It is set against the exciting backgrounds of 1970's Sydney and ageless Greece. It is an explosive exploration of the mechanics of human corruption. Absorbing and vastly entertaining.

Kerry Walsh was born in the inland Australian city of ...

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submitted by John George PRINEAS on 24.10.2003

John G Prineas in front of the renovated house at Mitata

The house (Construction Kamares)is about 250 years old.
Renovated in 1994, but unfortunately we had to remove the stables and the fourno.
Previous renovatios were in 1928 and approx back in 1884.
(1884 was inscribed over the door to the courtyard together with a cross.