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Andreas Tzannes-Kastritis

submitted by Andreas Tzannes-Kastritis on 17.08.2010

My name is Andreas Tzannes-Kastritis. My great grandfather Dimitri Kastritsis was born on Kythera and lived there before coming to England many years ago. He passed away in 1962. I am 48 and live in England but would like to come and live permanently and work in Kythera. I am a coach driver here in England but can turn my hand to building skills such as painting and decorating, plumbing, joinery, and small plastering repairs. I am willing to wotk in the fields and whitewash houses. In fact I am willing to to do any work available. Could someone please help and advise me as to how I can come and live on the island of my ancestors. Thank you so much and god bless.

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