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Bingara Book Launch - 'Katsehamos and the Great Idea' - 1st April, 2006

submitted by Peter (Panagiotis) Prineas on 09.02.2006

Katsehamos and the Great Idea is now available on Amaon Kindle for $9.99

*Bingara Launch of Peter Prineas' book: ‘Katsehamos and the Great Idea’*


* Unveiling and dedication of plaque and photo display of the Roxy Founders*

* Movie Ball - dress in the fashion of the 1930's*

[Note: bookings required for Movie Ball, see below for details]

* Bingara NSW, Saturday April 1st, 2006 from 6.30pm *

The magnificent Art Deco Cinema at Bingara in northern New South Wales (near Inverell) was established by three Greeks from the island of Kythera.

- Peter John Feros, Katsehamos, (Mitata);
- George Ernest (Proto)Psaltis, Katsavias, (Frilingianika); and
- Emanuel Theodoropoulos Aronis, aka Emanuel Aroney, (Aroniadika).

The Roxy Theatre opened on Saturday evening 28 March, 1936. It closed its doors in the late 1950's, and lay silent and empty for forty years. Now, with the help of the NSW Government, the Roxy at Bingara has been restored to its former glory and serves as a regional centre for the performing arts managed by Gwydir Shire Council. The cinema now resembles a "picture palace" - or a "Parthenon Down Under" to use Kevin Cork's description.

To celebrate 70 years since the opening of this grand country cinema, Gwydir Shire Council is holding a Festival which will culminate with the Roxy "Movie Ball" - 1st April 2006 - 6:30pm. Guests are encouraged to dress in the fashion of the 1930's.

Between 7pm and 8pm there will be an unveiling and dedication of a plaque and a framed photographic display of the three Kytherian Greek founders at the Roxy Theatre.

Peter Prineas' book will then be launched by Associate Professor Janis Wilton of the University of New England.

'Katsehamos and the Great Idea:
a true story of Greeks and Australians in the early twentieth century'
248pp, paperback, bibliography, notes, index.

'Katsehamos' is about the lives and struggles of Kytherian Greek immigrants to Australia in the early twentieth century, including the fascinating Roxy Theatre story.

Peter's book explores this turbulent era in Greek and Australian history through the experiences of his grandfather Peter Feros and his contemporaries.

'"Katsehamos" is a broad sweep of history, sensitively and clearly presented.
Interwoven and skilfully related to the times are the lives and aspirations of immigrants from the Greek island of Kythera. A persistent thread is the pursuit of the ‘Great Idea’, be it national grandeur or business empire. It is a well-crafted narrative told with deep insight and underlying passion. I enjoyed reading this book.'

- Manuel James Aroney, AM, OBE, University of Sydney.

The production costs of 'Katsehamos and the Great Idea' are being funded by a grant from the Nicholas Aroney Trust.

All are welcome to come to Bingara and join in the celebration.

To purchase tickets for the Movie Ball and to arrange accommodation, contact Jenny Mead, Bingara Tourist Information Centre:
Ph: 02 67240066;
Local call number 1300 659 919;
Fax: 02 67241726;
Mail to: Locked Bag 5, Bingara NSW 2404;

If you need assistance to travel to Bingara - please contact George Poulos on (02) 93888320.

You can secure your copy of 'Katsehamos' by ordering now from PLATEIA. The price is $34.95 including packaging and postage costs. Your book will be posted promptly on publication.

All orders and payments to PLATEIA 32 Calder Road Darlington NSW 2008;
ph. (02) 9319 1513
or email here

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The three Greek partners who built the Roxy in the 1930s quickly found themselves involved in a 'cinema war'. To discover more about the fascinating story behind The Roxy, visit Peter Prineas' Blogspot.

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