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19245: British PM says Parthenon marbles will not be returned

submitted by Peter (Panagiotis) Prineas on 23.06.2011

David Cameron calls for unity over EU strategy on Greece

The Telegraph 23 June 2011

... In the House of Commons, yesterday Mr Cameron was again quizzed on Britain's commitments to Greece and he repeated that Britain would not be involved in a new bailout package.

Andrew George, the Liberal Democrat MP for St Ives told Mr Cameron that Britain could help Greece by returning the Parthenon Marbles to Athens.

Mr George asked Mr Cameron: "Whilst of course we should not be making a unilateral contribution to the Greek bailout, does the prime minister not agree that we have something which would help regenerate the Greek economy and put right a 200-year wrong – and that is to give the marbles back".

Mr Cameron said he had no intention of allowing Britain to "lose its marbles". He added: "The short answer is that we're not going to lose them."

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