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Family of Kostas Masselos Nouros (1892-1972)

submitted by Michael Alexandratos on 17.01.2022

Hi there, 


I am currently researching the life and work of singer and recording artist Kostas Masselos (or Marselos) Nouros, who was born in Kythera to a Kytheran father in 1892 and died in the suburb of Kokkinia in Athens in 1972. 


During the course of my research I have heard rumours that there are descendants of Nouros based in Melbourne, Australia. There is scant information on Nouros's children, and although one daughter reportedly died at the age of 17, apparently he had more children. 


If anyone has information on the Masselos family and possible relatives or descendants please get in contact through this email address:


Thanks in advance,


Michael Alexandratos. 

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