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Fardoulis Family

submitted by Peter Trearchis on 28.10.2016

Hi, I recently discovered my ancestor was a Fardoulis and I was wondering if anyone is connected to this family? 

Thanks! Peter


My ancestors are Nicholas Fardoulis (1778-1829) and Stamatichi Fardouli (Late 1700s-1855) who had children:

-Panagiotis b. 1807

-Eleni b between 1809 and 1811. Married Manoli Trifillis. My ancestor 

-Zoitza (1813-1842)

-Katerina (1815-1839)

-Giannis (1817-1838). Hanged for piracy. 

-Giorgios b. 1819

- Theodoros b. 1820

-Efstatiou b. 1824

-Maria b. 1827


They lived in Fardoulianika. 



submitted by
Brian Farrell
on 14.02.2017

Hi Peter, I am connected to the Fardouli family through my paternal grandfather. Our surname was changed to Farrell some time in the early 1900's either in the UK or South Africa. My search is for any information about my great grandparents who both came from Potamos). See my earlier post " Fardouli Family Tree", posted March 2016 on the message board. Regards, Brian Farrell, Cape Town, South Africa

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