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Galakatos family USA

submitted by MARIA CAPSANIS on 26.12.2020

CAN YOU PUT US IN TOUCH -  with family of Mr and Mrs Andrew Galakatos

Am seeking to reconnect with the Galakatos family in the USA. Our families were once very close and my mother Frosso (nee Calopedis) Lianos Kolantgis corresponded by letter frequently in the 1950’s. Our family has several photographs of the Galakatos family that we wish to share with them. They settled in the Kansas City and or St Louis area. Additional family line names could be Kombis, Mavromatis and Megaloconomos.

Thank you for your help.

Kaula Capsanis

submitted by
Paula Kotakis
on 27.12.2020

Hi Kaula, I'll send you our home phone number by private email so you can speak to my 93 year old father who's from that family in St. Louis. Thanks for writing -- I know the family would love some of those old photos. --Paula Kotakis, San Francisco

submitted by
on 29.12.2020

Thank you to those that have replied to this message and contacted my daughter Maria. She has let me know the exciting details of reconnecting with the Galakatos family in USA and Australia. Kaula

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