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Message Board > im looking for some books published by the ''society of kytherean studies''.. (plz help!)

im looking for some books published by the ''society of kytherean studies''.. (plz help!)

submitted by chris otis on 19.11.2018

hello, i am looking for some great books about the amazing writer lefkadios hearn, who wrote about the traditional stories+poems of japan in the late 19th-early 20th century, and those books were published by the ''society of kytherean studies'', a publishing group that exists on this very site.


the books that i want to buy from this publishing group are:


-kotto, (κοττο)

-kwaidan, (καινταν)

-japanese mosaic (ιαπωνικο μωσαικο)


its worth mentioning that those books existed in bookstores until a short time ago, they were in greek, and i really wanted to buy them, but the bookstores told me that the publishing group of the ''society of kytherean studies'' hasnt announced if they will re-publish those books again or not.


so, my question is:

will they re-publish those epic books of lefkadio hearn, or not?

(and if they will republish them again, when will that happen, and how will i know? (so that i can order them either directly from the publishing house or from my local bookstores...)


please reply back, those are some excellent books and i would love to read them all, everyone needs to know the cultural impact of lefkadio hearn.

(he is considered as one of the most important greek writers of the 19th century, and also one of the most notable people of lefkada and of the kytherean association as well...)


thanks, chris from greece.

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