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In search of some of the history of Grandfather Paniotis Georgopolous (Peter Poulos)

submitted by Harold Hopper on 23.11.2023

My wife and I intend to visit Kythera from Australia in August 2024.

We hope to see something of where Grandfather Panyiotis (Peter) Georgopoulos lived. (Born Cherigo Is. 6 August 1898 - died December 1975)

We also hope to meet some of my relatives who might be able to assist us to find our way around Kythera.

Here are some details that may help identify people who knew of him and who might help us.

Parents of Panyoitis Geogopoulas 

   Alexander Minas Georgopoulas (1856-1960??)

      Stravroula Marea Coroneos     (1867-1912??)

Syblings: Maurile 


Maurile married Yanis (John) Faros in 1920 in Kythers and had 6 children

Velio (Margaret) married George James Londy in 1949 in Brisbane Australia.

Grandfather Paniotis Georgopoulas (Peter Poulos) married Ethel Margaret Undy 30 November 1920 in Sydney Australia

They had 3 children 

Peter Arthur

Violet Jean

Betty Elvie

There are very many of my relatives in Queensland where I live but I have met only a few - a long time ago.

My mothers name is is Vioet Jean Hopper (nee Georgopoulas also Karavas?)

So I hope to make contact with someone who might be able to make our visit to Kythera meaningful in memory of a grandfather I had never met.

Thank you.




submitted by
Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
on 23.11.2023

Hi Harold, You should be able to connect with many of your relatives here and on Kythera and I am happy to introduce you to some of them. You are my 6th cousin, once removed! I believe you might have an error above though. Velio (daughter of Alexandros and Stavroula) married Evangelos Chlentzos (Bylos) who was my 5C2R. Please correct me if I am wrong. Feel free to email me: Vikki Vrettos Fraioli

submitted by
John Minchin
on 26.11.2023

Hi Harold (distant cousin!) Vikki is correct. Velio married Angelo Chlentzos 'Bylos' on 30 Aug 1923 in Goulburn NSW. Velio's sister Marouli was married to Yiannis (John) Faros and they had 6 children - Stavroula, James,Alexander, Anastasia, Margaret and Evangelia, There was another daughter - stillborn. Subsequently, Margaret was adopted by Angelo and Velio. She married George Londy. regards John

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