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Information about Euripides Souris.

submitted by John Black on 18.05.2010

Would anyone know anything about a Euripides Souris? He worked for my father Jim Black (Mavromatis) in the Rosary Cafe in Gayndah, Queensland Australia, before WW2. He then joined the army & was sent to New Guinea, where he was killed in action. I have a faint recollection of him & have what I think is a photo of him. I'm sure he was not married. I have often wondered what his connection to our family might have been.

submitted by
Voula Amassah
on 01.06.2010

You can try and search the national archives or there is a mormon site where you can trace when they arrived in Australia.

submitted by
Barbara Zantiotis
on 19.04.2017

Hi John, I just emailed you regarding Euripides.  His mother was Maria Mavromatis.

submitted by
Antony Zaglas
on 16.10.2018

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