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Information on the Klironomos/Liaros/Marvrogiorgi families

submitted by Julia Klironomos on 06.01.2011

have trying to find information on my husbands family. My husband is Stefanos Klironomoms, he came to the states 31 years ago. His father was George klironomos from Crete born in March 1930, his father was Stefanos Klironomos married to Despina Gonidou. My husbands mother is Stravoula Liaros from Kythira born in October 1929, her father was Kosma Liaros born on Elafonisos. Her mother Maria Maurogiorgis was from Kythira. Maria's parents were Giorgos and Meropi Maurogiorgis. Stravoula lived with her grandparents Giorgos and Meropi as a child with her brothers Vasili and Panayoiti. If anyone has information that might help trace these family lines, that would greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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