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Kalogredis, Calogredis

submitted by Pamela Sherman on 29.10.2012

Hi I am trying to get information on my great grandparents who left Kythera around 1907 for America. I have seen so many different spellings of their name I dont know what is right anymore. There names were George and Mary Calogredis (American spelling) I have a birth certificate of my mother's that lists the town her grandparents were from but I cannot read it or know anyone to translate it for me. Does anyone know of a person that can help? Thank you,
Pam Sherman

submitted by
Antony Zaglas
on 10.03.2023

The name Kalogridis is associated with the Name Fardoulis and is found in the Potamos area of Kythera. Some have emigrated to Australia however some are still in Kythera and Greece.

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