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Chrysanthe Kyprios

Kythera in March/April


I am hoping to get some help from Kytherians.

 My daughter has never been to Kythera which was the  birthplace of her grandfather, Constantine Kyprios.  We have an opportunity to go at the end of March and first week of April.  People, including a few accommodation owners, have told us it is too quiet, too cold, too rainy so don't go in this time frame.

Are there any cafes or businesses open during this period or is everything closed.  We were hoping maybe one cafe here and there?  We don't expect beach conditions but were hoping for some hiking and to visit the villages and to show her my father's house in Karavas.  
If it doesn't show the island in it's true glory we can wait and go later - but she is a little impatient and very excited to finally see Kythera.

Thank you in advance,

Chrysanthe Flavell (Kyprios/Cypros)

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