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John Fardoulis

Kytherians Excited About Rediscovering Parts of the Island’s Ancient Capital

A large number of Kytherian-Australians are keen to learn about their heritage and history of the island, evidenced by approximately 250 people attending the Community Backed Archaeology/Rediscovering Kythera’s Ancient Capital presentation held at Sydney University on Wednesday, November 10th.

Why was it a big deal? Because a dig had never taken place on that part of the mountain and sections of city that functioned for 500-600 years were uncovered at Paleokastro.

Photos from the event are here:

A video of the section outlining a 'Community Backed Archaeology' concept is here:

Videos of guest speakers Stacey Plantzos and John Prineas are here:


The talk was like two presentations in one; outlining the potential for a new ‘Community Backed Archaeology’ movement, demonstrating the concept in action - plus showcasing finds from parts of a Laconian-controlled city excavated in Kythera during July this year. The community archaeology concept isn’t just an idea – an actual project was implemented.

Adding to my presentation, speakers included Dr Victor Kepreotis, President of the Kytherian Association of Australia, Mr Angelo Hatsatouris OAM, President – Sydney Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, John Prineas, George Poulos, plus volunteers who participated in excavations; Pia Panaretos, Georgia Plantzos, a 10 year-old Kytherian-Australian and her mother Stacy Plantzos. A speech was also read out on behalf of Mr Angelo Notaras, who also visited the Paleokastro site in Kythera in July.

One of the highlights was when ten year-old Georgia Plantzos told the audience about her experience as a volunteer on the archaeological dig in July, with her mother Stacey reminding attendees about the importance of heritage and a feeling of belonging.

Notable guests included; Mrs Theodora Toulios, Christina Fatseas, Emanuel Comino OAM, of the International Organising Committee – Australia for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles, David Hill, Chairman of the International Association from the Return of Parthenon Sculptures, Angelo Hatsatouris – President of the Sydney Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, a number of AHEPA committee members, representatives of the Hellenic Council and Trustees of the Nicholas Anthony Aroney Estate. Representatives of other Greek-Australian committees, academics, archaeologists and over 200 members of the community also attended.

The presentation was held at Sydney University by the Kytherian Association of Australia, in conjunction with the Sydney Friends of the Archaeological Institute at Athens and sponsored by Laiki Bank, Fardoulis Chocolates and SchibelloCaffe espresso coffee.

This project was generously supported by the Nicholas Anthony Aroney Trust, Kytherian Association of Australia, the Greek Orthodox Church - particularly Bishop Seraphim, Father Yiorgi from Avlemonas & Agia Moni, Father Mariatos from Potamos, Dhimos Kytherion (particularly Mayor Koukoulis and Deputy Mayor Protopsaltis), archaeologist Aris Tsaravopoulos, the team of volunteer archaeologists and archaeology students, members of the public who volunteered, the two supermarkets of Potamos, the bakeries of Karavas, Potamos and Karvounathes.

Individuals deserving thanks include; Matina Pavlakis, Anna Cominos, Pia Panaretos, Jimmy Galakatos, Kostas Moulos, Themi Fardoulis, Helen Fardoulis, Mrs Stavroula Papadopoulos, Aphrodite Samios, Daphne Petrochilos, Mr Alekos Castrissios, Manolis and Georgia Magonezos, Cleopatra Sclavos, George Poulos, Angelo Crones, Maria Sarli, Kathy Samios, Dr. Wayne Mullen, Matina Samios, Mary Moutzouris, Andrianna Athas-Fardoulis, Ross Schinella, Victor Kepreotis, Kathy Kepreotis, Fotis Zervas, Anna Arsenis, John Prineas, Stacey Plantzos, Georgia Plantzos, Angelo Notaras, John Cominos and George Vardas.

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