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Leontarakis and Koutsonikolis

submitted by Peggy Pound on 07.02.2017

Hi, I am researching my grandfather, Demetrious Janos Koutsonikolis family line.  He was born near Ano Kastania in 1897 and came to American around the turn of the century. his mother was Helene Leontarakis.  does any of this relate to your line?  
We are planning a trip to Greece to do research in Sept and Oct. Thank you, 
Peggy Wilson 

submitted by
Peggy Pound
on 10.04.2017

Well, two mistakes in above message. My grandfathers Greek middle name was Ioannis and his mother was not Helene but Maria! Just found this out. Sorry. There is a possibility that her mothers maiden name was Diaminikis (sp?).

submitted by
Barbara Zantiotis
on 20.04.2017

Hi Peggy, I emailed you with some contacts. If you didn't receive this, let me know and I'll try again.

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