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18998: Mr George Feros was one of my dearest mentors.

submitted by Raymond Sorenson on 27.05.2011

George and I saw each other for a lot of years, he would wash the streets of Byron and we, as kids would be doing our paper run for Berny Donlan. We always had respect for this beautiful soul. I wrote the Tribute to George Feros song when I was 18, I have just finished recording my first album at Rocking horse studios and I would like to have a meeting with Ruby to give her a listen to the song because I would luv to record it as a tribute to my friend. I am offering the song as a donation towards my beautiful mates work. I hope you can find some time to get back to me on this one please. My only desire in life is to get his song recorded...My mbile number is 0432165028. Thank you for your time. P.S. I do not want any financial gain for this at all.. A lot of people at george's funeral heard the song....

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