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Nestani in Tripoli - Karonis Family

submitted by Eli Bodden Karonis on 14.05.2007

I'm interested in finding my grandfather's family Greece from Nestani in Tripoli. I see an Eleni Karonis married to George Peter Bambakaris (Harris), but I don't see a family tree of her ancestors. I think she was my grandfather Atanassio Karonis P. sister.

submitted by
Vicki Gesouras
on 04.07.2019

I've only just seen your query which was posted 12 years ago. My grandmother, Eleni Karonis, was from Nestani,Tripoli but she didn't have a brother Atanassio. She had 4 siblings: Andronicos (Andrew), Spiros, Hariklia and Katina. Her father was Christos Andrianou Karonis, and his father was Andrianos Nikolaos Karonis. I know that Andrianos had a brother, Ioannis, who had a son Athanasios, who could be your grandfather. If so, my great grandfather, Christos, and your grandfather would have been first cousins. You must be related to the Karonises who live in Chicago.

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