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19643: Notaras family Friligianika

submitted by Stratis Notaras on 21.12.2011

Hello, my name is Steven Notaras Iam just curious to find out out a little more about the Notaras family and how far the name dates back, who are relatives and so on. Any Information would be greatly appreciated.

submitted by
Theo Notaras
on 02.02.2012

19867:Hello Stratis.

In short:
There are many Notaras branches.

It would help you if you can find out what your paratsoukli is (Family nick name).

The name shows up in the 12 century and earlier.

Monemevsia seems to be a starting point.

Constantople also figured in the history of the family name.

For more recent history looking at records that date back to the time of Venetian rule will help.

Also take note that many servants took on the name of their masters: this could confuse the situation.

I have often thought about taking more time to investigate more seriously. I have only bits and pieces of the puzzle.

This gives you a very basic overview .

If I think of any thing else or learn any thing new I will pass it on like wise could you do the same.

Theo Notaras

submitted by
Stratis Notaras
on 21.05.2012

20407:Sorry for the belated reply Theo, I'll try and follow this up.

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