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submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 20.05.2005

Susan, according to the book "Kytherian surnames"by Emmanuel Kalligeros ,editor of "Kythiraika", the name Pastos in Milopotamos was a nickname for the family of Megalokonomos. It is not known when the name Pastos was used as a surname.It was known that the family of Megalokonomos-Pastos from Milopotamos,were involved with boats of some sort. In 1855 a Kosmas Koronios-Pastos has a fishing boat called "Panagia Myrtidiotissa" and at 1846/7 a Stavris Pastos owns a yacht. At the biginning of the 20th century there was a Basilis Pastos gynaecologist in Athens as well as Iakovos Pastos whose name is mentioned in the church service of "Myrtidiotissa"
I recomend this book to anyone wishing to find out more about their roots.To purchase, email :

submitted by
Olivia Pastos
on 06.04.2018

Thank you for sharing! I am interested in purchasing this book, as my last name is Pastos and my family is from Kythira.

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