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Searching for my Grandfather's family

submitted by Michaela Griffiths on 12.09.2020

Hello Everyone, my name is Michaela. I'm searching for my mother's real father's family. I don’t really know much, as my mum didn’t find out her dad wasn’t her father until just before he passed away. My Grandmother had passed some years before him, all I know is that my Nan was with a Greek sailor before my granddad (the man who brought my mum up). My mum was born in July 1945. She told me of a shop where the owners would always say "here's our littlest princess" and gave her ice cream. I think it was in the town of Greenock, Scotland. I’m guessing that was just after the war until roughly 1955. When my family moved to Bath Somerset, unfortunately mum has had a severe stroke and can no longer communicate with us, so I can’t ask her anything else. So any information anyone could give me would be amazing. Sorry I can’t give anymore info.

submitted by
Laura Pavlou-Mudie
on 23.03.2021

Hi, Michaela..I'm assuming that you've had your DNA analysis done. I'm told that Ancestry has the largest database. I had my DNA done with My Heritage and that turned up some interesting connections. I've also been advised to have my DNA analysis done again by Ancestry. Have you got a birth certificate for your mum and Grandmother? My sister was a Registrar and tells me that the Scots include details on the birth certificates that the English don't. I hope that helps. Laura.

submitted by
Michaela Griffiths
on 24.03.2021

Hi Laura, thankyou for your message. Yes I’ve had my dna done on AncestryDNA, I’ve now got a kit to do it on my heritage too. Unfortunately my mums birth certificate gives her Dads name, but not her Farhers. Her Dad was Polish, and he told her before he died he wasn’t her father. So I have no way of knowing how to find her family. My mum had a severe stroke 2yrs ago and is unable to tell me anything, and I don’t want to upset her either as she may not remember. I did order mums birth certificate from Scotland and it gave no more information than her “parents”. Thank you so much though Laura. Much appreciated hun, takecare, xxx

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