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Seek more information of Andronicus and Stathis

submitted by June Stathis on 02.02.2017

Can anyone give me any more information about Elly Andronicus? Or John Stathis? In early 1850's onwards, because they had a son born in 1897.


Elly Andronicus had married to John Stathis.


They had a son named Nicholas Stathis.

He was born in Hora, the Capital of the island Kythra in Greece in 1897.

submitted by
John Kallinicos
on 29.03.2024

I know of a Nickolas Stathis who lived in Ipswich and later West End. He had about 4 or 5 children. One of them was Jack who married Zita. The date of birth of the Nicholas you are referring to is about right from my estimates. If you want more information please contact me on [email protected]. I can put you onto the family. There is also a photo of him on Kytherian Genealogy Website. Regards John Kallinicos

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