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Seeking help to confirm the names of these three men

submitted by MARIA CAPSANIS on 04.12.2023

Am seeking the help of the wider Kytherian network to investigate their old family photo albums over Christmas when the family are together. Do any of these three faces appear as your family members? Perhaps in a 1920s wedding photo. Back story. The photo was likely taken in Dorrigo, NSW, Australia, in the 1920s.  Notes on the back, in my mother's handwriting say they are first cousins of the Calopedis family. So far am going with the man on the left being Peter Megaloconomos aka Conomos of Stanthorpe Qld, the man standing could be Charlie, brother of Nick Conomos from Dorrigo and Dee Why, NSW and the man seated on the right could be a Coroneos. All suggestions welcome. Happy to be corrected. Maria

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on 04.12.2023

Looks like I need help on how to upload the image. In the meantime, if you recognise these names or places, please message me. M

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James Victor Prineas
on 04.12.2023

Hi Maria, the message board wasn't really conceived to be for photos - although perhaps we should change that. If you put the picture in the photos section I can send a link to it around and see if anyone knows. My godfather's family, the Feros', were in Dorrigo too.

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