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Maria Mihailidis

Theodorakis(Cordato) Family Tree

I am trying to find more information regarding my 2 Kytherian Great Grandmothers.
My Mother was Stavroula Theodorakakis(known as Violet Cordato in Australia).She was born in 1928 in Potamos and passed away in 2011 in Sydney.Her parents were Marigo Mazaraki and Dionisios Theodorakakis ( who took on the paratsoukli Cordato as a surname when he migrated to Australia in the early 1900's)
The first great grandmother is Stavroula Saranti. She was born between 1866 and 1868, and her father was Panagioti Saranti.. Saranti was probably a paratsoukli. She married Gerasimo Mazaraki in 1890 in Potamos and had 1 daughter Marouli 1890( my Grandmother)
My other great grandmother was Marouli Panaretos who
married Kyriakos Theodorakakis(paratsoukli Cordato). She was born around 1831)presumably in Panateretianika and died in Potamos in 1896.No birth or marriage records can be found.They had children Dionisios (my Grandfather)Minas,Theodoroula,John,Jim,Manuel. No information regarding her father has been found either.
Any information regarding the Saranti and Panaretos family that could connect to my great grandmothers would be appreciated.

Maria Mihailidis
[email protected]

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