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Two George Stratigos' in Kythera

submitted by Kevin Garvey on 12.02.2018

Please help me find the family connection between these two George Stratigos' from Kythera.

My wife's ggrandfather is George SPYRIDON Stratigos, born in 1850, the son of Spyridon George and Kyriakoula in Milopotamis.

The other George is George NICHOLAS Stratigos, born in 1859, son of Nicholas Theodore Stratigos and Lygere Poteris.

Can anyone help me find how these two Georges are related, if at all?


Kevin Garvey

submitted by
Vicki McDowell
on 06.01.2019

Hi Kevin. Sorry can't help with your Stratigos question. I have read Diana's wonderful report of your trip to Kythera. My grandmother was Natalia Megalconomos. She came to Australia in in 1923 with her 2 sisters Marigo and Patra. Her parents were Dimitri and Adriana Megalconomos (1868-1959). Adriana came to Sydney where she died in 1959. Dimitri's parents were Yanni and Vassiliki. Don't have dates or any other information. I think Megalconomoswas a common name on Kythera but there may be some connection. I haven't been to Kythera since 2012 but it is such a beautiful island. Cheers Vicki McDowell

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