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James Prineas

January 2006

Earthquake on Kythera

Dear Friends of Kythera,

as many of you may have heard, Kythera experienced an earthquake on Sunday at about 1.30 pm midday. It registered 6.9 on the Richter scale. Fortunately there seems to have been no human casualties. In Mitata the main church (of the Holy Trinity) has been severely damaged - only a few hours earlier a church service had taken place there but at the time of the earthquake it was empty. There are also reports of damage to houses in Kapsali, Goudianika and Mitata, where water pipes broke and part of the main square has also been damaged. It is likely that more damage will be reported over the next few days and weeks.

John Stathatos has posted a few pictures of the damage and the crisis committee which can be viewed here:

The BBC also have a report on the quake on their website:

We will post more news on the site as it comes to us.

James Prineas

PS. Some of your may have noticed that we are having problems with the family tree section of the site. The cause has been identified and is currently being corrected - you should be able to add to the trees within a day or two without the current delays.

January 2006 - Bild 4

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