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Helen Samios

Byron Samios - incorrect date of birth

Please amend the record I posted for my father Byron Samios and my mother Noela Samios (nee Holding).

Byron's date of birth is 2 December 1939 and his date of death is 19 August 1981 (Laidley, Queensland). Noela's  date of birth 12 December 1941 and her date of death is 8 June 2001. Dad had 2 older brothers of Brisbane, Queensland, now both deceased: 

Peter Samios (Brisbane, survived by wife Lola & 3 children) &

Milton (Brisbane, survived by wife Maureen, 10 children)

Their father was John (Yani) Samios of Aloizianika who went to Australia when he was young (approximately 16 years old), leaving behind his 2 sisters (1 spinster, 1 widowed, Stamatina & Eugenia).

John married Mary Harris, and lived in Biggenden, Queensland and owned the Samios Cafe.

Thank you, 

Helen Tunks (nee Samios)


4/77 McLean Street, Coolangatta, Queensland.

(All post to: PO Box 311

Tweed Heads, NSW, 2485 )


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