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Vassilia Corones

Harry Corones & Judge Ryan.

...an endearing, story concerns Harry’s somewhat shaky grasp of written English. On one occasion, one of Harry’s guests had been a circuit judge from Brisbane who used to stay at the hotel, and who, every year, would go duck shooting with Harry. His visit to Charleville over, the judge had taken the train back to Brisbane when Harry discovered that he had left his gun behind, so Harry telephoned him to let him know. But the line between Charleville and Brisbane was very poor, compounded by Harry’s heavy accent, and the judge could not understand what Harry was talking about. “Spell it” the judge said, becoming rather exasperated. So Harry spelt “G for Jesus, U for onion, N for pneumonia”!

Harry Corones & Judge Ryan. - Corones & Ryan

Commissioner Ryan and Harry Corones after a shooting exhibition in the courtyard of the Corones Hotel, Charleville.

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