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Derrick Venardos

Looking fory family orgin

Hey guys last name of Venardos here for the states. I know that my great *1 grandfather and his brother, John and Peter venardos came to my in 1910. But that's where my search ends, the us doesn't keep records past Ellis island. Looking for family, stories pictures. My great aunt's were named Elizabeth and Diamonta (dia) venardos they visited the venardos hotel there, before their deaths. Those that own the hotel are 2nd or 3rd cousins. Im not even sure what village my family is from. I would love to find this out see pictures stories etc. We have always been able to trace us back to Ellis island and kythria but I couldn't tell u anything else. The picture is of me ????

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Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
on 16.09.2021

Hi Derrick, I believe I know of the family you are referring to as they are on my family tree. Was your great grandfather Antonios Venardos? I have him on my family tree, but do not have the name of his wife or any of his descendants. Antonios (or probably Antony or Tony in the USA) had a brother Konstantinos (Gus). a brother John, and a sister Maria. Elizabeth and Diamanta were the daughters of John Venardos. You can see a photo of him here: https://www.kythera-family.net/en/photos/vintage-portraits-people/john-venardos-14226 Their parents were Panagiotis (Peter) Venardos and Diamanta Kapsai born in Potamos, Kythera. Gus, Antonios, were born in Karava, Maria was born in Potamos, and I'm unsure about John. Although I never knew any of this family, I have a few photos and newspaper clippings I have saved, and I've connected with several of the descendants of the family via Facebook and Ancestry.com. Feel free to send me a message.