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George Comninos

Nostalgic artworks

Hi fellow Kytherians,

I am a Kytherian (1/2 Dutch) who has never been to Greece but strongly feels the pull of a Kytherian adventure as I pass the half century!

I did a series of prints of my Great Grandparents Maria and George Comninos (KOMNINOS). These were based on a lovely hand coloured photo and the recollections of my now dear and departed father, from when he was a young man. I have transformed these images into "things" which you might like to look at! I have placed 2 links below to the images and associated treasures. Please take a look and leave a comment (I'd love to hear from you!).


Kythera I 

Kyther II


These prints are also available as originals (some of them...many were lost in a gallery ....but that is a tragic tale for another time! )



Hope to hear from you soon, enjoy the work.


YASOO...my Greek is SPAZMENOU!

I think the village is Dourianika??



George Stavrianos Comninos XIIII

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