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submitted by John Zantey on 10.01.2004

Sarandako - Zantiotis

This is the nick name of my paternal grandfather, George Zantiotis (Originally from Karava). [Also Sarandakos].

The name is derived from "Saronto", which too was his grand fathers given name (my great great grand father). The name comes from "Zante", originally from Zakynthos.

As "Saronto" had children, they were refered as "Sarandako", I suppose a cute way of associating children with the original name? and it has been passed down the 'family tree' since. Even me, my brother and other cousins from the same family tree are refered to, by this nickname.

This nickname was also handed out, at a time where mass migration within Greece used to occur. Reasons for this are unknown, although some ponder that it may be events like earth quakes, and other synonymous activities.

My grandfather, husband to Dimitra (Franzeskakis), father to 5 children:
Matina (Sydney Australia),
Harry (Sydney Australia - My Father),
Thanasi(Athens Greece),
Peter (Agia Pelagia Kythera)
Zoe (Agia Pelagia Kythera).

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submitted by
Karavitiko Symposium, Sydney
on 12.02.2006

"Panayiotis Sarantakos (alias Zantiotis) became a wholesale fruit merchant, trading in Sydney as the P.E. Sarandakos Fruit Exchange". From, first section of Chapter XI: The Shop-keeping phenomenon. New South Wales. 19th century to WWI. pp.190-222 Australians and Greeks I. The Early Years Halstead Press Sydney 1992 Another case of utilising the family "parachoukli", either as a Surname - or a business name.