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Because Kythera was settled in such a way that a few dozen original families spawned the majority of present-day Kytherians, almost every branch of every family had a "nickname" to distinguish it from that of others with the same surname.

The nicknames were sometimes simply the genitive form of a christian name (e.g. "Dimitrelou") or derived from the profession of an ancestor (e.g. "Miliotis" = "Miller") or even describe a physical attribute (e.g. "Koutsaftis" or "Tarzan").

This is the section of the website where you can view the island's nicknames and read about which surnames they are associated with and hopefully where they came from as well.

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People > Nicknames

submitted by Peter Makarthis on 17.06.2007

Smithopoulos - Σμιδοπουλος

All Greeks whose names have been altered from their orginal Greek name, for what ever reason may fairly claim to have this nickname.

aka Peter McCarthy
Ινβερελλ Αυστραλια