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Kosmas Megalokonomos

Efstathios Dilaveris

Benefactor of Kythera

Efstathios Dilaveris was born at Karavas, Kythera in 1853 of poor parents. At the age of ten he came to Piraeus and made a living as a labourer but at the age of twenty he was a contractor.

In 1888 he created the first factory of mosaic slates in Greece and ten years later the first factory of ceramics. He extended his premises and his excellent products entered both the national and international market and he acquired great wealth.

The State, honouring his contribution to the industrial development, rewarded him with a medal.

Dilaveris was also socially active. In 1899, under his presidency, the Kytherian Brotherhood of Piraeus was established and the Tzaneion Hospital which built a new wing. He has made numerous dona­tions to poor people but has also made significant contributions to the nation.

In Kythera and in Karavas in particular, he built a school for girls, a surgery, he fund­ed the construction of the Church of the Virgin Mary and the construction of the road between Karavas and St. Pelagia.

At Potamos he built the Dilavereion School (named after him) and provided the mosaic slates and the ceramics for the church of the Virgin Mary of llariotissa. He also funded the construction of all new churches and the restoration of all the others.

He died on the 1st August 1936 but left, through his testament, a large amount of money to the Community of Kythera (Chora), a significant amount for the completion of the Gymnasium and the construction of a port at Ammo Square.

With money that he gave to Spyri­donas Stathis, the High School Principal travelled to America and gathered funds to complete the High School and publish the book: The High School of Kythera.

From, Page 153, Proceedings of an International Conference, Greek Benefaction & Kytherian Bequests, Kythera, 21-25 September, 2005. Held in the Hall of Kytherian Associations, Hora, Kythera.

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