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Peter Makarthis

Panayoitis & Theophanis Leousi

The Brothers Leousi and The Sydney Musical Society.
“ The brothers, Panayoitis and Theophanis G. Leousi, distinguished for the melody of their voices, are the first to have formed a musical group in Sydney.” – Life in Australia 1916 p171
Two photographs from the collection of ‘Beatty’ Calliope Psaros-nee Phacheas - show the cast of a production performed by this musical group c 1922 in Sydney.
Panayoitis and Theophanis Leousi, arrived in Australia c 1910 from Athens, and conducted several business enterprises after their arrival in Australia. The brothers established a business in country NSW before, operating as confectioners at 215 Oxford Street, Sydney 24 April 1912. They acquired the Athens Steam Laundry at 39 Oxford Street Paddington from Ioannis and Dimitrios Vrahna December 1917 later changing the trading name to Great United Steam Laundry c 1920.
Researched by Peter McCarthy
18 May 2011

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